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I remember the first really good cannabis I ever smoked - I'd gotten my hands on 2 jars; one of Elvis and another of AK47 - real Headies.  Back then, you had to know someone in the loop to find high quality pot.  And you had to pay through the nose for it, and drive all over town to track it down.

You'd think a lot had changed since back then... and I guess it has.  But 20 years later, you're likely to have to pay $55 for an eighth of dispensary weed that wouldn't hold a candle to either of those jars.  The state may be taxing it now, but commercially produced cannabis is still driven by the same imperatives as ever.  In cannabis, like so many other things, mass production breeds boring mediocrity.


Cannabis has one of the most dynamic and diverse populations of any agriculturally relevant plant - with heirloom varieties from Durban to Tashkent, Beqaa to Bangkok, Sinaloa to Recife.  Layer on top of that 50 years of selectively bred 'modern' varieties, and there are virtually endless combinations of terpene and cannabinoid profiles possible - there for us to encounter and enjoy! 


About a decade ago, I started linebreeding what would become the foundations of Anthos Seeds.  Over the years, I’ve focused on refining these original materials while sourcing the best genetics from around the world.  Anthos is building on the work of generations of previous breeders to apply elite genetics to create new strains that work for folks in the temperamental New England weather.

Dedicated to creating acclimatized lines for Northern growers, Anthos has over the years developed into a Vermont Research & Breeding  Station, serving the Green Mountains and beyond.

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